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tv   Americas Newsroom  FOX News  October 13, 2014 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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>> whoa. >> look at that. >> 19.95. the second one -- hides your bloat. three-way hides your bloat. bill: a fox news alert. ebola is being trangs mitted inside the united states. a nurse to treated the ebola victim has been diagnosed with ebola. good morning. on a monday.
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martha: the cdc says this new ebola victim had extensive contact helping thomas duncan and he passed away last wednesday. health officials are trying to figure out how despite wearing all of that protective gear she somehow became infected. >> we are deeply concerned by the news a healthcare workers in texas tested preliminarily positive with infection for ebola virus. bill: casey stegall picks up this story. what else do we know about nurse? >> reporter: health officials won't release her name. all we know is she's listed as in stable condition as we speak. the nurse is fairly young.
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she only graduated from nursing school a couple years ago on the job as a nurse for four years. over the weekend haz mat crews, the same ones who cleaned the apartment of the thomas duncan were at work. they were sanitizing the unit where this nurse you lived in dallas. medical staff who care for these kinds of patients wear lots and lots of ppe as it's called. personality protective equipment. double gowns, masks and the like. the cdc say they believe there was some kind of protocol breach. this has many people afraid wondering if there are other staff who may also be at risk. bill: what about contact with
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anybody else? what can we say on that. >> reporter: doctors say ebola is only contagious after a patient starts to show symptoms. she came down with a fever friday night and got herself to the hospital saturday. officials say she only had won tact with one other individual after she became symptomatic. that individual is also at the hospital being treated. the medical staff treating thomas duncan were told to self-monitor. they weren't on the list of people monitored by the cdc. now the people who came in
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contact with mr. duncan at texas health will be monitored. bill: casey stegall. martha: screening are taking place at jfk in new york city. all passengers arriving from bern africa will have their temperatures taken and be examined for signs of illness. it will start to dulles in washington, chicago's o'hare and newark liberty international airport. we might ask why i long to get to this point. the president being briefed on the isis threat. he took a call from the hhs secretary. he talked to her about ebola. they ordered a federal action to halt the spread and moments later the president got criticism because i apparently
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left on his way to the golf course and came and took this call and weren't back to the golf course afterwards. peter doocy is here with more. >> reporter: our cameras were only allowed to shoot through the oval office windows for 40 seconds. but the president's golf game lasts for off 3 hours. it's part of his weekend routine when the weather is nice in washington. but some republican lawmakers are telling us stopping the spread of ebola depends on breaking a routine and trying something different. >> you can't have business as usual. the bureaucracies can't be allowed to function the way they normally do becau crisis at our doorstep and it must be stopped.
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>> reporter: we couldn't hear his call with hhs secretary sylvia burwell. the president told burwell the priority needs to be this. the protocols and controls need to move as expeditiously as possible. the president wants to make sure any lessons learned in today has be shared with other facilities. there hasn't been a surgeon general for more than a year. the president's nominee came up short when confirmation time came. bill: what do you think at home on your mobile device. are you confident we can stop the spread here in
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if it stops the confidence will go high. but i'll bet there was a big surprise sunday morning when you saw that alert. martha: she sea apparently had all the protective gear on. the question is who is i is one of the biggest questions. sylvia burwell is that person head of hhs because we don't have a surgeon general. many people feel she should be more prominent. bill: sound off online. there is a major boost in the fight against isis. turkey will allow u.s. and coalition troops to use its military base for operations against the terrorist army. the battle for kobani becomes more intense. gregg palkot live on the curry border with syria. >> reporter: that grinding siege of the syrian town of
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kobani continues. i'll step aside to give you a sneaky, hazy sight of the front line. we have been hearing and seeing street battles all across this town. isis terrorists duking it out. we have been seeing coalition air strikes in the town. centcom informed me that they staged multiple airstrike on kobani and around kobani. at the very least those airstrikes according to sources are having an effect. turning what looked like an isis rout into a deadly standoff. but the kurdish defenders have much the underdogs. outmanned and outgunned by the terrorists. we are told isis is using car
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and truck bombs. in the kurds fave, a lot of local knowledge and a whole lot of the guts. they may be get something more help from turkey. over the weekend it has been reported ankara officials have agreed to allow their air bases to be used by the coalition to launch these bombing runs against isis in syria and iraq and they will be training something like 4,000 moderate syrian rebels to go up against isis. but 300 yard away from us on our position here, about 20 turkish tanks, they are doing nothing. one final note, we have been talking about how the place behind me has become a worldwide symbol for resistance against isis. trending on twitter, air drop to kobani, kobani spelled with anen
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"e." bill: a lot of this is desert but this is roughly the area isis has taken control of. the battle of kobani along the turkish border. the mine field separate the two. how many are still there is not clear. pop out to the larger march. while that's happening in kobani in northern syria. anbar province, this is an area that's sunni iraq. for the last 7 days, 10 days, the headlines have been not as significant as kobani but the headlines are even more significant about how isis is taking control of fallujah and anbar province. over the weekend you had the stories about the terrorist fighters close to the airport in
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baghdad that were later fought back by u.s. apache helicopters. you have got a front west of baghdad and it could go either way right now. we'll talk about that throughout the morning. martha: the bladerunner is closer to learning his fate for killing his girl friend. hip athlete oscar pistorius is back in a courtroom. he faces 15 years in prison. a psychologist testified today pistorius is a broken man. the judge resumed he did not up tension alley shoot his girlfriend. he was found guilty instead of culpable homicide which is the way we look at manslaughter charges in u.s. law. bill: the obama team sending mixed signals over the role of u.s. ground troops in the fight
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martha: a halloween-themed ride went high wire. a jeep pulling a high ride wagon lost control and went down a hill. a 17-year-old was killed and two other were hurting with including two in critical condition. >> when we went down there there were a lot of people just laying around. it just -- we really don't know. we have to talk to people to find out. martha: police say alcohol was not a factor in that crash. bill: national security adviser doubling down on the president's pledge there will be now.line s. troops in iraq. >> let's be clear here.
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president has been very plain. this is not a campaign that requires or would benefitw from american troops in bomb cat. the iraqis have to have the capacity and the will to hold their territory. bill: . territory.. bill: kt macfarland, let's start with you. as we begin with you. susan rice is saying no it's not going to happen, u.s. forces on the ground. sheer is the joint chief's chairman dempsey. >> it likely will be yes. mosul will likely be the decisive battle. my instincts is that will require a different kind of advising and assisting because of the complexity of that fight.
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>> they are both right. general dempsey is saying somebody needs to get troops onn the -- on the ground and she is saying the iraqis are going to fight isis. the reality is the only people willing to stand up against isis are the kurds. those are the only people we are not arming. bill: will the kurds go into iraqi territory to take on the sunnis. isis is armed with state of the art military equipment. they got it from the deserting iraqi army. what do the kurds have? they are going the battle lines with jeeps and rifles and pistols. they are up against armored humvees and artillery. they even have a woman's brigade
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willing to fight. bill: pete, do you agree with kt? >> there is truth to both of them. but both interviews reveal the glaring disconnect. the national security adviser wants to stay wedded to this belief that no u.s. combat troops will be need. and nobody wants that. but chairman dempsey understands if we are going to go on the offensive it will be americaned -- it willbe american advisers. alongside the kurdish fighters. we have to be willing to be up front with them which is something susan riceriting off offhand. bill: when you look at the
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apatch he helicopters it's to keep them away from the airport in baghdad. >> i think a lot of it has to do with the not election. and whatever decision the united states makes will be after the election. question is how far does isis get before americans go to the polls. bill: do you think the commander-in-chief changes after the election? >> i think he will have another set of options after the election. pete is right. somebody has to be on the ground. it will be american were kurds, iraqis which i think is a pipe dream or maybe it will be the turks. bill: pete, what do you think of that? >> the president will have more flexibility after the election. if he's look at reality you will fun you want to roll back isis
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you have to have the capability to do it. these tribes in anbar province have worked with us before. they have been burned by the maliki government and ununwillingness to work with them. bill: tell vladimir i will have more flexibility after my election. martha: we all remember that. a day of fun turns to horror with a toddler in critical condition. what is going on with these bounce houses? too many of these stories. what happened. bill: would your local hospital be equipped to handle ebola? more questions about how ready we are to handle ebola. >> it's possible in the coming days we'll see additional cases of ebola. this is because the healthcare workers who cared for this
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individual may have had a breach of the same nature of the individual who appeared now to have a preliminary positive test.
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bill: the faa saying chicago's air traffic will likely get back to normal today after weeks of disruptions. a week ago a worker set fire to a control center in aurora, illinois, damaging critical equipment. chicago is a major publi -- a mf one of the biggest airports in the world. martha: a freak accident at a halloween festival in new hampshire. two toddlers are hurt after a
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bounce house they were in went airborne and crashed to the ground. how does this happen again this time? >> reporter: two boys reportedly found their way into a bounce house that was closed to the public. the inflatable was blown up but not in use. apparently got around bales of hay. it was just purchased on friday. the bounce house got wet from the rain and they left it up to dry out and no one was suppose to be in there. a gust of wind came and the next thing they knew the bounce house was airborne. >> i saw it fly up in the air. as soon as it went up it flips and came crashing down.
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>> reporter: with the boys inside. they were rescues by their parents. one of the boys is said to be in critical condition. the deputy fire chief said detectives and state fire marshals are investigating. usually these inflatables are tethered down with ropes and stakes in the ground. but the owners say it was not tide down because it was in a restricted area and not ready for use. >> while i was inspecting the whole bouncy house got wet. >> reporter: the father of one of the boys and another visitor said they had been led to believe the bounce house was open. we checked into the regulations on bounce houses and there are
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no national regulations. the safety standards are different from state to state in new hampshire residential bounce houses are not regulated. bill: these things keep popping up. martha: not tethered down. they are sticking to their position as to whether anybody was suppose to be in that one. bill: who has the energy before the election. we'll tell you which side has the big mo. martha: the mysterious clowns who terrify instead of entertain. one town is in fear of this bozo. [♪] [ fishing rod casting line, marching band playing ]
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martha: new questions about the spread of ebola in the united states after protective measures failed to prevent a nurse from getting infected. the cdc is taking heat for blaming the nurse. >> we don't know what happened in dallas but at some point there was a breach in protocol and that breach in protocol resulted in this infection. martha: what do you think of that? dr. debby is with the research in medicine. how do you think the nurse could have contracted this disease? was it her fault? >> i wouldn't think about it asphalt in the first place. the woman is risking her life to save a stranger.
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the protocols may be effective but people are not used to do this. so you need to know what happened. whether it was one breach in protocol or several errors occurred along the way. but we caught it because there was a consequence to it. martha: a lot of people wonder, the people he was living with in that apartment were not infected. this nurse who was covered in protective gear got it. >> when you hear about the enterovirus that affects kids more than adults. so it goes after people with certain psychiatrics. we need to get the data and find
6:34 am
out why some people are getting inspected and others seem to be okay. the thing i was mention being the breach. there could have been other errors along the way. people not being used to the protocol in the first place. it's important for people to look at what is going on throughout this process and this protocol. where could there have been errors and how can we tailor them to treat people better. martha: it seems that we are chasing after this. people have passports from west africa who may be coming in frother countries. what would you like to have seen? we are talking about proat comes at jfk that will be spreading to four other airports. >> it's the same thing, these
6:35 am
are not protocols people are used to. and it's spread out. we have things going on in new york, texas, nebraska and georgia. i'm wondering if what he should have specialized teams that are fully trained to treat and manage ebola. the second somebody is identified rather than have them go to various hospitals. hospital may be prepared but not completely. have a specialized team that sends them one hospital in the country that manages all the ebola cases. that way as they get more experience they can get better that treating ebola and identifying ebola. they can tailor their protocol better, including using the protective equipment. martha: the cat is out of the bag. the virus is in this country.
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we don't want to be alarmists. it's difficult to pass from one person to another. but we know it can happen and it did happen. in terms of who's in charge. tom frieden at the cdc, we heard from him. apparently there is an acting surgeon general that nobody has heard from and sylvia burwell, the head of hhs has said nothing about it. >> that is concerning. i think the public should be reassured it's difficult to spread ebola. it can only be spread through bodily fluids. but, yeah, it is concerning because we want to hear more information about what people should do. i definitely think we should have more information for people traveling from west africa and people in airports if it's something they should do to protect themselves more. they have testing kids at the
6:37 am
hospital. should we consider giving testing kits to people coming from west africa. that way they could test themselves and have a better idea so they could warn people before the healthcare workers and other relief workers get involved. martha: there are has map the teams spraying outside of this woman's apartment. they wonder how long it can live on a surface. dr. devi, thanks so much for being here. we'll see you next time. bill: you get the impression everybody is. let's look at how we got here. the world health organization issued its first ebola outbreak in manufacture this year. there have been 8,000 cases, 4,000 deaths. the first americans contracted the virus in july.
6:38 am
necessitjuly. -- they arrived in the u.s. in augu okay. since then three others have come to the u.s. for treatment. a cameraman. they were all infected in liberia. thomas duncan caught the virus in liberia and showed no i am taupes when he entered the u.s. and now a nurse who was treating him. she is said to be stable. hopefully she'll stay that way. martha: a big political time we are living in at the moment. we have new polls that show where the voter intensity is.
6:39 am
not a lot of people turn out for the mid-term elections. then there is this. bill: they were burning more than rubber. what had tempers flaring in last night's prime time nascar race.
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martha: it was fight night at the charlotte motor speedway. watch. hey, hey, set the down. caught on camera. you can see driver matt kenseth
6:43 am
attacking his rival. they tabled on the track with self drivers and evenings ran high as they try to stay in the sprint cup chase. evenings were running rather high when they came off the track. bill: our floor manager brad called that road rage. hey, hey, hey. that looked like a 7th grade fight. pushing and pushing. fox news america's election headquarters. 2 days before the mid-terms. republican voters are more interested in the election than democrats edging them 51% to 44% among the most interested voters. ladies, happy monday morning.
6:44 am
where are we right now katie based on that polling? what does that tell you? >> i think we have seen for a long time republicans are ready to go to the polls. americans for frost pair it has been getting voters registered. but i don't think republicans have this locked down. president obama has been on the fundraising trail trying to get democrats out to vote. it also proves president obama isn't necessarily working when it comes to getting people ready to go for the hid-terms in high step out to the polls. bill: i know you both like this topic a lot. maryanne has a headline for you now. go, maryanne. >> i think democrats can hold on to the senate and they have a good shot at doing it. it may take to december or january to do it. but i think their shot -- bill
6:45 am
there are whoa, whoa. you said they could hold on to the senate. during the commercial brake said they will. >> they will. it may take to until december or january because of the run off in georgia or louisiana. any democratic win with a great operation. the democrats have invested $60 million in these states. look at north carolina where 41% increase in absentee ballot requests only helped kay hagan. republicans don't have this locked in but i think democrats can do them. bill: the "wall street journal" found higher interest voters are more likely to be concerned with national security and foreign policy than lower interest voters. does that help republicans,
6:46 am
katie, yes or no. >> that was the part of the poll that stuck out the most to me. it helps republicans when president obama's approval rating on foreign policy is 32%. when the issue is foreign policy and national security, they are going to look at the democrats running and say what is their strategy, are they holding the president accountable for keeping the country safe and are we going to move forward. the president has been out on the fundraising trail talking about equal pay for women. talking about the middle class and trying to pivot the conversation away from his horrible lowest approval ratings on foreign policy and national security which is what voters are interested in who are planning to go to the polls in november. bill: which see the numbers i just read off does that concern you as a democrat? >> no, i think the president is
6:47 am
talking about the exactly the right things. he isn't on the ballot. these are i'd senate races and every one of these democrats are holding him accountable on these issues. when they talk about equal pay, access to reproductive rights. that's what's needed to get democratic voters out. >> but he is the elephant in the room. >> we have lots of surrogates. a motion only gets you so far and doesn't guarantee anybody to go to the polls. organize does. and that, the dig difference. republicans are bank on anger and a tidal wave that isn't coming. bill: but your point, katie, about the ground game, democrats have a lot of money and some of these states they are outspending republicans 4-1 in some cases and they will owes come back to their ground game
6:48 am
say we we perfect and it we have figured it out. where are republicans on that ground game issue? >> sure, they do have a machine and they have it built up. but if you look at the polling it shows democrats aren't interested in actually voting. so you can have the infrastructure set up for a ground game but if people aren't volunteering to go out there to get people to the polls it isn't going to matter. the republicans are look at 2010 and the way they had the wave in the house in 2010. they are saying let's repeat that in the mid terms. the president may not be on the ballot but he has said his own issues and policy decisions are on the ballot. that's not a good thing when he is trying to get people interested to going to the polls considering the democrats are tied to the president and he hasn't brand-new out on the campaign trail very much with candidates because they want to
6:49 am
distance themselves. it's not helpfu helpful when hei may not be on the ballot but my policies are. bill: the enthusiasm gap favors republicans. >> the fact is democrats have the opportunity to get people out. it's worth 3-5 points on election day. look at the fox news polls on individual senate races. look at gold standard polls. the blue grass poll has grimes up 2 over mitch mcconnell. if anyone is within shouting distaints's worth the 3-5 points on election day. bill: mary anne you are sticking by your resix, i take it. 22 days away. here is martha. martha: folks in one town say they are being menaced by sinister clowns.
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6:54 am
the evening. some say it's a prank gone too far. others say it's not serious. a number of times police and sheriff's deputies respond numerous calls about someone room can the streets dressed as a clown, wielding weapons. an 11-year-old said he was chased by a clown with a bat. >> we had reports of these clowns associated or carrying machetes or baseball bats. so depending on the circumstances it can be frightening. >> reporter: some people say the idea was inspired by a couple in the area who have a clown called the wasco clown. you have seen those things where people take a stuffed animal
6:55 am
around. they say that potentially inspired this ongoing problem in bakersfield. martha: somebody has been arrested? >> they have had multiple phone calls. they arrested a 14-year-old boy. they say he was not found with weapons at the time he was arrested. they point out while he had no weapons they had numerous calls to police about clowns with weapons. >> there is an ethical boundary that's been crossed. it's stupidity on the part of the people who want to scare other human being. but it's not a crime. >> reporter: people say it's kids being kids. but you can't take anything for granted anymore.
6:56 am
people could use that to do something more nefarious. they only have one person in custody. it comes down to whether this was one kid doing this to other kids in the neighborhood or were other copycats out there. they are not sure at this point. but the kid who was arrested was found with no weapons at that time. martha: people are either afraid of clowns or they are not afraid of clowns. i am afraid of a clown with a machete. bill: i love halloween. martha: you are mr. halloween. bill: a travel ban top keep ebola from coming here. how the bottom line could affect a national security decision. martha: john mccain says isis is winning. what does marco rubio think about that? >> it would be deeply demoralizing to this effort to
6:57 am
allow them to take territory. for john kerry to say that shows how out of touch he is.
6:58 am
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martha: fox news alert on the first case of the ebola virus contracted inside the united states. the nurse in texas trading at liberian man who later died. that nurse more all the protective gear necessary according to the report but somehow still became infected. brandon knew our starting now of "america's newsroom" on this monday. bill: good morning. the cdc calls infection result of a breach protocol. jfk the first airports to take temperatures of passengers arriving from west africa. they say that is a good start, but not enough.
7:01 am
>> we have to target the individual themselves and the idea of temporarily suspending 2000 these of that would be coming out of this region. until that is under control, it is a measure policymakers ought to be looking at. bill: good morning. the initial claims from the president of ebola in the u.s., have the claims turned out to be true? >> only a few weeks ago the president was at the cdc saying it to be have the unlikely we would have any cases of ebola in the united states. we now have at least two. officials on the lookout. that is why the president had a phone call wit with his health d human services professional to get an update and figure out what went wrong with a nurse.
7:02 am
interesting after the phone call in the oval office the president headed out for golf yesterday. the next minute heading to the golf course. bill: under pressure, is any indication he will give and i travel ban? >> they say again and again they don't think that is the answer. despite the fears, they do not believe it is going to be a major outbreak, but a new controversy blaming the situation down in dallas on a protocol reach. nursing unions, other health care professionals coming out the last 24 hours to say it wasn't necessarily a protocol breach. some of these nurses are not being coached enough to figure out how to deal with it.
7:03 am
martha: the president spoke by phone about the infections going back to the golf course. much has been said about that this morning as we look at the pictures on this story. brit hume joins me now. he says the president was on his way in a motorcade and they stop everybody, went back to the white house, he went into the oval office to take this phone call. they gave everybody 40 seconds to take pictures of him on the phone and back in the motorcade and went back to the golf course. does it matter? >> the events that matter here, this latest event is only going to add to the sense of alarm. it is a fact the chances anyone of us in america getting ebola are extremely remote. overwhelmingly unlikely to happen.
7:04 am
however, so much of what has been said about ebola first as you noted earlier, it is unlikely anybody would get it, now we have a couple of known cases. the most recent is disturbing because he was wearing the protective gear said to be required and sufficient to prevent you from catching it. the other fact obviously is if you do get is, you're likely to die be it is a little bit like air travel, martha. the problem is if something happens, there's a good chance you are going to die, which is why people find this stuff so alarming. they tend to be behind the music making assertions about this or that and having them turn out to be incorrect. martha: that fits into a long list of different instances you can point to that the administration is in reaction
7:05 am
mode, not ahead of them, reassuring the american people, what they should fear, not fear. everything putting people's mind at ease being in front of it once again. >> this persistent refusal to stop people from traveling here from those infected parts of the world. i understand it administration is reluctant to do that, although it is never very well explained. i think about the homeland security secretary the peta the asked the question very politely about why, and the answer was it was incoherent. we don't want to do that, we don't want to prevent people from coming and going to help them. and military aircraft can resolve that. it has never made any sense. as a matter of probabilities may be unnecessary, but trying to
7:06 am
put people's mind at ease, explain why you won't do that is not helping the cause. martha: be a layered things up the extent it feels like ware so cautious in so many ways and you deal with the situation and everybody is told don't worry about it. if you catch it, you're probably going to die. >> the problem the administration is having is the government departments that we don't hear very much about and don't really associate with the president keep coming up with problems. this is something new, we knew about this disease and all, but so far the sportsmanship on this
7:07 am
has been poor are pretty clear. we had the problems with the irs, the secret service, the various government departments. this is a vast apparatus for which the white house is seeking to reside and manage. martha: thank you very much. bill: could the cost play a role in this decision? what have you found out? >> the cost is going to play a role in the policy decisions with any suspected carrier, you have cleanup, monitoring and medical personnel.
7:08 am
you have trouble disruptions that cost money, extra cleanup cost and emergency medical have to be there to be a correspondent. if it cost $500,000 hospital treatment alone, one patient, one hospital, john hopkins says it is 18-$24,000 per day to treat an ebola patient. we know the cleanup cost at the one apartment in dallas cost $130,000. all of these costs are rising adding to the price of some sort of travel restriction to stop new cases coming into america. this is the case where money may dictate policies. bill: if it goes that way, you wonder why not do it. >> what are the artman's against preventing new cases coming to
7:09 am
america from west africa? it has not been well articulated. i believe britain is not taking flights from west africa. bill: to find it in your area, lologon to finder. we will find you soon. martha: so who is winning in the war with isis? john mccain saying it is sure not us. >> i don't believe isis will take baghdad, but they can take the airport. bill: which state will turn the balance of power in washington? can this be key?
7:10 am
pat roberts and dogfights an end senator roberts is our guest live in a matter of minutes. martha: a campaign ad featuring a wheelchair go too far? we will debate that.
7:11 am
7:12 am
7:13 am
bill: story we have not touched on, but violence in ukraine.
7:14 am
some heavy fire reported in the airport. there is find incoming fire, but ukrainian troops have raids in the area every single day. martha: stepping up attacks in kobani despite the latest round of u.s. airstrikes. it will likely be captured and the remaining civilians numbered in the thousands will be massacred. they're losing the fight in syria and iraq. >> they are winning and we are not. the kurds are not winning. and a lot of aspects of this, but there has to be a reevaluation of what we are doing because we are not
7:15 am
degrading or destroying isis. martha: joining us now, marco rubio. senator, good morning. his thoughts were echoed in a lot of places over the weekend. is there want to be a fundamental reevaluation of how we're doing things? >> i hope so. this is what happens when your decisions are driven by politics rather than what is th in the bt interest of the outcome. they reluctantly came to deal with this issue. in the 2008 campaign and 2012 campaign being the president who can brag about disengaging us as opposed to approaching us what is the best strategy to defeat isis. you cannot defeat an army on the ground simply from the air. hoping local ground forces will be able to do the job with the
7:16 am
deeply strategy from the beginning. it is increasingly the least likely outcome. it will involve some ground forces to defeat isis. martha: they will allow us to defeat troops in turkey. should be allowed to put troops on the ground in this fight? >> they should be wanting to do this. kobani is on their border. they are all going to go into turkey. the problem is this issue has been thrown master policy, the kurds on the border as equally bad. they are not sure what to do from a domestic perspective but they can meet in the short term. they have more at stake here than we do. they should act like a member of nato. martha: we are sending an
7:17 am
assessment team to begin the training process. 4000 fighters ready to be trained from the moderate forces in syria. are we at this stage were beginning to assess how many people are available and sent an american assessment team to start working on this? >> is working much better than our ability to defy, train in the field. isis will not sit around and wait for us to train the rebels. as you can see from the progress they have made. this in the outskirts of other parts of the country. if they succeed it will demoralize our ability to rally any sort of forces on the ground to confront them. that is why people strip off their uniforms, abandon their post, it has a psychological impact. martha: john kerry is he a very different tune. here's what he is saying about
7:18 am
the potential fall of kobani. >> kobani does not define strategy of the coalition with respect to it. kobani is one community and a tragedy of what is happening there. we don't diminish that. we've said from day one it is going to take a period of time. martha: sounds to me like he is preparing for failure there. >> imagine for a moment if you are a sunni or a shiite on the ground in iraq preparing to fight and confront isis and fired up because their hitting them from the air. now thinking to yourself they are unbeatable. better to flee into turkey, jordan, lebanon or anyone for that matter. this better to take territory so for john kerry to say that shows how out of touch they are with this reality.
7:19 am
bring anything they can to disengage from this process than the least amount as possible and leading to a terrible outcome. martha: do you believe we should put u.s. troops on the ground, and is there an organizing principle around that idea? >> somebody will have to defeat them on the ground. ideal is if the iraqis can defeat them. what if they can't? will we accept the issue of isis winning? of course not. we had to move forward on a plan not just evolving u.s. special operations forces but jordanian and all these other countries to put some sort of a ground element in place that can confront these guys and stop the spread and growth until they are able to do the job themselves. martha: i believe the chairman separating from the president on the way forward here? >> he is going to be honest about what he feels is the right approach. he will not go on political cover for the white house.
7:20 am
he has said this from the early days some he will have to confront and defeat them on the ground and we have to be prepared for the possibility the iraq ease, rebels and kurds alone will not be able to do that. martha: always good to have you here. bill: your personal information is online and on the line. how the fbi directors cracking down on criminals strolling through your computer. martha: and afternoon swim turns into a frightening ordeal when a group of swimmers get trapped inside a cave. >> when the surf is coming incoming often cannot see as well see try to time the exit.
7:21 am
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7:24 am
martha: three summers left to safety after being trapped. they had jumped off a cliff into the water yesterday be at once women injured after the jump. >> fear them got stuck in the back, there were getting hit by the surf. one was to the point he was so exhausted he was going into shock. martha: they were released. officials say cliff jumping is illegal. there were questioned by police but no arrests were made. >> works with all four nations to help them understand it is in nobody's best interest to have criminal thugs in your country. and to lay hands on them if they leave the safe havens.
7:25 am
we want him looking over their shoulder when they're at the keyboard. bill: and a warning on "60 minutes" last night. this morning former white house national security council staff under president bush and president obama. nice to see you in the studio. scott pelley introduced that piece by saying the internet is the most dangerous are cannot. you will get mauled in ways he never saw coming. why is that? >> cyber security is most critical national security issue the u.s. government is dealing with the 21st century. there is a very real link between cybercrime and terrorism. the state department recently launched social media campaign is one of several indicators we are getting the battle against terrorists is no longer just on the ground, w we're also fightig terrorists online and in cyberspace as well. bill: talking in the social
7:26 am
media campaign, but also jpmorgan thing from 10 days ago scared a lot of people reedit now, this affects republicans and democrats equally, would you agree? >> i would be at bill: so what are they doing to fight back? >> one of the most compelling things about this issue is it affects both sides of the aisle with equal force. it is something we will have to see the white house and congress really rally together behind to help confront. something we will have to see the government take what i call a halt government approach in order to combat. that means bringing on multiple departments and agencies. everybody from the intel community to the state department, homeland security and on and on. bill: do you want the government to do more? are we better with them doing less? >> that question of whether we are doing more or less is
7:27 am
obviously a very important issue because we're trying to balance privacy and civil liberties on the one hand against national security impebjpur+e on the other. it is a hard choice to make. they key is making good choices that sort of make our response to the cyber threat work better. bill: i think the comment you have with some of our producers today is it would be just as important to get this under control, get a handle on it as it is with whom we choose to work. suggesting other governments, other countries will be involved. the how does that shake down in terms of our own security and who we trust with our program? >> we're going to have to work hand in glove with a whole host of foreign governments on this issue. it is not something the united states can take on unilaterally.
7:28 am
this something that is going to require a lot of discussion and debate. and do we bring on some governments that are not necessarily long-term traditional allies. bill: very interesting is the continuecontinue through this. great to have you. martha. martha: turkey is now getting in the game allowing the united states to use its basis, but we're now getting conflicting reports on that. bill: plenty more closely watched midterm senate races in the middle of the country. that is kansas, in a fight for his political life. our guest next on "america's newsroom." 22 days. so ally bank really has no hidden fees on savings accounts?
7:29 am
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that's right. it's just that i'm worried about you know "hidden things..." ok, why's that? no hidden fees, from the bank where no branches equals great rates.
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martha: conflicting information now on turkey's involvement in the battle for the syrian order town of kobani. jennifer griffin joins us from the pentagon. we heard they had agreed to love u.s. coalition coalition to use airbases, now they are backtracking on that? >> we are awaiting word from the pentagon and state department. national security advisor said this weekend the turks had agreed to let the u.s. use airbases including 100 miles from the syrian border but reports from turkey this morning suggest that may not be the case and susan rice may have misspoke. officials say in fact they had been extremely frustrated nato ally turkey had been unwilling until now to allow coalition forces to fly out of turkish bases and strikesis. u.s. drones and warplanes have been flying over kobani from bases further away creating problems in terms of fueling.
7:33 am
susan rice also said the turks had agreed this weekend to train 4000 moderate members of the syrian opposition. it is not clear whether all the details of that agreement has been signed at this point in time, martha. martha: it may turn out that is sent the case this time. we will find out. what progress has been made against isis in iraq and are they getting closer to baghdad at this point, jennifer? >> iraqi sources on the ground say the town hit has fallen to isis. another key town along the key artery in route to the b it the pentagon is pushing back on the notion the capital is on the verge of falling into isis hands. >> iraqi security forces are in full control of baghdad, continue to strengthen their positions in baghdad.
7:34 am
>> the pentagon was concerned enough about the march of isis to within striking distance of the international airport in isis it took the unusual decision last week to deploy apache helicopters over air support. another indication of just how much help the military still needs from u.s. air power. martha: thank you very much. bill: 22 days until the midterms. known as a longtime republican stronghold, pat roberts now in a fierce battle with independent candidate greg norman. they both square off in a debate in two days wednesday this week. his campaign has declined our interview. thank you for your time, and welcome back to the "america's newsroom."
7:35 am
our poll head-to-head by five points. you are down 2.2 with all of them together. i don't know where you see the race today, but kansas is that electing somebody not a republican since 1932. why is this race so close, senator? >> we're not going to do it again either. basically we're going to win this race, and i think the reason is, their wake up to the fact point is not an independent, he's a liberal democrat, he ran against me 2008, given thousands of dollars to the leadership back there in washington and kansas democratic party. so by the notion indeed he is a liberal democrat. candace will not send a liberal democrat to the senate. but this isn't about pat roberts. this is about the fact the road to republican majority runs through kansas.
7:36 am
we have had everybody in the party, ever breeze from sarah palin to jeb bush here because they know me and they know my record they also know a vote for pat roberts is a vote to regain republican majority. bill: a knock on you during this campaign as he had forgotten about the folks back in kansas. they compare this race what happened to eric cantor in virginia. what would you say to them? longtime senator who wants to washington and had his back? >> bill, that is not going to happen. i have been corner to corner, border to border. i do it every year. i have been with the farmers the northeast, when the river is flooded. i'm a fourth-generation kansan. this has been a myth.
7:37 am
i work hard when i am in kansas, i work hard for kansas and washington. i have not forgot anybody. bill: he is announced several events and social media after they have taken place, i know you have been quite critical of that strategy and again invited him to come on here, he declined our invitation. there he is entering a national media. but you have a hard time convincing conservatives like the tea party backs to get behind you. do you expect a tea party endorsement today, senator? >> yes, i do. the tea party express has endorsed me. laura ingram has endorsed me, all factions of the party have endorsed me. rand paul coming in, he is going to endorse me. talking to tea party folks, reaching out to them and just the other day that we had talks
7:38 am
with, they are endorsing me. they know a vote for pat roberts is to regain the majority b. they also know my opponent is not an independent. by vote, by donation where he stands on the issue. he will be a rubber stamp. the president himself said this election is a referendum on his program, thi his policy, his le. kansans do not want a rubber stamp for that. bill: you were mentioning endorsements. also endorsing barack obama 2008 and 2012. they said he is a businessman who is thoughtful and needed to break the destructiv district ok in washington. how would you counter that? >> i stand the best chance of ending the gridlock. if we achieve a republican majority, we will end the gridlock. harry reid is responsible for
7:39 am
this gridlock. we will have republican leadership, less spending, do tax reform, open up the pipeline if we possibly can with a president, all the things they think represent common sense, that is what we will do. we will make the senate the senate again. harry reid has done the blocking. bill: appreciated. if he changes his mind, the invitation is wide open for the next three weeks. martha. martha: the image wendy davis has been using in an ad has peoplbeenon both sides of the ae crying foul. bill: and is set the sun or is that a jack-o'-lantern on your front porch? martha: i think that is an
7:40 am
amazing picture. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ great rates for great rides. geico motorcycle, see how much you could save.
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when folks think about wthey think salmon and energy. but the energy bp produces up here creates something else as well: jobs all over america. engineering and innovation jobs. advanced safety systems & technology. shipping and manufacturing. across the united states, bp supports more than a quarter million jobs. when we set up operation in one part of the country, people in other parts go to work.
7:43 am
that's not a coincidence. it's one more part of our commitment to america. bill: mass is in a hollow in spirit with a picture of the sun. the sun looks at a jack-o'-lantern. visualization, he says, combine pictures of the sun into different images created this. two different fields hovering in the atmosphere. so it was kind of a photoshop. martha: i wanted that to be completely natural phenomenon. bill: said to be a believer. martha: really cool however they got it. all right, silly governor's race in texas is getting pretty ugly
7:44 am
as democratic candidate wendy davis released a controversial ad against her candidate is in the image of a wheelchair. take a look. >> a tree fell on greg abbott, student got millions. since then he spent his career working against other victims. he argued the woman's whose leg was abdicated was not disabled because she had an artificial limb. martha: abbott has been confined to a wheelchair since the 1980s. joining me now, former campaign manager. also a fox contributor. welcome. i wonder but the moment they sat around in the conference room and somebody proposed this ad and said we are in a pretty tough race, i will show the numbers in just a second, we ought to go with this ad. >> you wonder how it got off the
7:45 am
drawing board and made and then approved. it should have been obvious is going to look desperate and that even if the charges are true, everybody in the opposition is going to scream low blow. that means none of the things in this ad, assume it is true, nobody's listening to it. it is all now an attack ad and desperate hail mary pass. maybe she is a better candidate than this, but maybe that is what they have decided to do. martha: 51.3-40. most recent average, she is in a tough spot. was this a wise move? >> no, this is campaign malfeasance. he was hurt he was jogging.
7:46 am
he went to the court system and won his thing. the attorney general and prosecutor, anything they're making a charge on he has done on behalf of the state or the counties he represented. the argu argument spent his life fighting against disabled people is so outrageous. he is disabled, in a wheelchair for a long time, totally crippled and has had an extraordinary life and i think being advocate for the people doesn't mean you are against disability. this is a desperate ad, i think it is going to backfire on her. this will be the last memory people will have of her running in outrageous ad. martha: this is stuck in their crawl. they must think he gets more attention and more respect or something because of his personal story so they have tried to go at that and undercut that.
7:47 am
one more thought, when she did the speech and kept saying stand up, stand up for this, stand up for that criticized at that point for making some sort of big reference to his situation. >> anybody want to switch places with him it a total idiot to even think that way. sometimes people get creative, sometimes they outthink the campaign, but whoever did this ad did a great this service to. martha: will this follow her if she doesn't win this campaign? >> i don't think she will win this campaign. it looks desperate and definitely crossed the line not because of the facts. the facts may be correct, perhaps did do some things he is being accused of not a good way to deliver that message. there is no way it is delivering the message.
7:48 am
long-term she has a lot of support in the democratic party. i think she still has a future. it won't be the last we hear of her, but this doesn't help her. martha: i saw you talk about this with chris wallace, how do you think things are shaping up at this point? quick thought on that. >> momentum is going our way. iowa is one of my favorite races. she is getting absentee ballots in early voting and i think she will win this thing easy. i think they will pick up 8 or 9 seats realistically. martha: where is the surprise story out there for you? >> south dakota. between five or eight seats republicans will pick up. the place destiny to me is south dakota. which we have been saying for months south dakota was in there with montana and west virginia as states they would pick up for
7:49 am
sure, suddenly there is a three-way race, and the former governor, republican governor is in real trouble that he could be defeated. still too early to say that, but if the independent or the democrats could now win that seat. that is something people should start watching. >> he has not lived in the state for a long time for the former governor will win this going away and i will bet you a steak dinner. >> either way i get a steak dinner. martha: thank you so much, see you next time. tonight greg abbott will respond to that ad at 10:00 eastern time tonight. so tune in for that. 5-8 is a pretty widespread because republicans need six to turn it over.
7:50 am
right now, how are you, eric westmark eric: happening a few moments the new details of the nursing became the first american to contract ebola in our country. we are waiting on a news conference from the center of disease control. he calls on the agency to do more amid warning there could be even more possible cases to come. plus the latest on the fighting between the kurds in the town known as kobani as the airstrikes intensify. we'll kobani fall or can it be saved? bill: see you at 11:00. this is the jump, but wait until you see where they land.
7:51 am
7:52 am
7:53 am
7:54 am
martha: you could say this group of daredevil knows how to make a splash at a party. base jumpers jumping off the tower, but they did not just land on the ground, they landed at a rooftop pool. pretty good aim. bill: oh, my gosh. martha: nicely done. bill: back at home, extreme weather alert, severe weather rolling through the heartland, already reports of damage. maria molina at the fox weather center with that. very a: the ports and central
7:55 am
parts of arkansas of damage, trees have come down and even some damage to several homes out there associate with this large area. areas of heavy rain for parts of missouri down into arkansas, even eastern texas and a number of pretty to watch is in effect going through this afternoon. looking at expiration time of 2:00 p.m. across arkansas, louisiana. the frontal move eastward today, something we have to continue to watch. there is a tornado warning to the east of little rock. currently a tornado on the ground. very possible. just to the east of little rock. the greatest risk area includes for the parts of louisiana, mississippi, western tennessee, that is where yo you're lookingt the ridge for more damage we are
7:56 am
hearing about but a very widespread area from the city of houston all the way up to indianapolis. it could be looking at more these reports of large hail and damaging wind, and by tomorrow it shifts eastward into the southeast and even potentially looking at some isolated severe weather in the mid-atlantic. a big shift in temperatures ahead of it. in the 60s, and i do want to mention tropical storm, that is some good news for us. bill: thank you. it could be a busy day. we will check in later. martha: a nurse became the first person to catch ebola inside the united states, so now even more people are being monitored as the circle grows wider. what the cdc is saying about the spread of the virus.
7:57 am
woman: everyone in the nicu -- all the nurses wanted to watch him when he was there 118 days. everything that you thought was important to you changes in light of having a child
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bill: what are you going to be for halloween again? martha: me.
8:00 am
what are you going to be for halloween? bill: the mad hatter. martha: he is not kidding. i will make you share pictures with everybody. bill: it's a great, great costume. bye everybody. martha: see you tomorrow. eric: there are new fears about ebola in our country after that nurse becomes the first person to contract the deadly virus here in the u.s. authorities are now admitting there could be more cases to come. welcome to "happening now," i'm eric shawn in for jon scott. >> i'm heather childers in for jenna lee. we're waiting for an update from the centers for disease control own an update for the investigation how a texas health care worker tested positive for ebola. the nurse treated the parity who first brought the deadly disease into this the country who died last week. the


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